Allegri’s Miserere

Published: 21st January 2021

Tracking the myths and mistakes behind choral music’s most famous work. Featuring music from the Sistine Chapel by Allegri, Palestrina, and Anerio, plus commentary from Ben Byram-Wigfield, a man who has spent hours and hours of his life in libraries around the world tracking down the real Miserere.


Kyrie & Gloria from Missa Brevis PALESTRINA

Incipit Lamentatio ALLEGRI

Ad te levavi ANERIO

Sanctus & Benedictus from Missa Brevis PALESTRINA

Miserere ALLEGRI

Sicut cervus PALESTRINA

Agnus Dei I & II from Missa Brevis PALESTRINA


Duration: 50 mins | £4.99

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