Byrd Song

Published: 30th July 2020

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A sequence of music, poetry, and bird song, inspired by William Byrd. Featuring guitarist Sean Shibe, actor Ryan-Walker Edwards, and The Marian Consort, with music by William Byrd, Francis Cutting, Martin Peerson, and poetry by Roger Robinson, Claude McKay, and Gerard Manley Hopkins. Full programme below.

Threaded through this programme of music and text is a quiet desire to break free; to be one’s self; to sing out. Ingatestone Hall, nestled in the Essex countryside, offered solace and shelter from persecution, but also allowed Byrd, who was described in his own time as ‘a glory to our race, and a nightingale to our people’, to quietly express himself. Essex, being the home of the nightingale during the spring and early summer, seemed like the natural place to perform this music whilst we were very gently emerging from our own state of isolation. We brought this music home; and now we bring it to your home.

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