Schütz 2: A lump of earth

Published: 29th April 2021

The Marian Consort | Jake Setters

Death, starvation, war, hope. The Thirty Years War through the eyes of Hans Heberle, a cobbler, and Heinrich Schütz’s Kleine Geistliche Konzerte, a collection of sublime miniatures written for the scant musical forces he could gather around him.


Kleine Geistliche Konzerte HEINRICH SCHÜTZ (c.1585 – 1672)

Eile mich Gott SWV 282

Meister wir haben SWV 317

Was betrübst du dich SWV 335

Ich hab mein sach SWV 305

Die seele Christi SWV 325

O hilf Christe SWV 295

Wir gläuben all an einen Gott SWV 303

Sei gegrüsset Maria SWV 333

Excerpts from Zeytregister, or Register of the times, by Hans Heberle (c.1597 – 1677)

Duration: 43 mins | £4.99

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