Schütz 1: Vale of tears

Published: 25th March 2021

How do we acknowledge, educate and talk about death? We look at this question through Heinrich Schütz’s Musikalische Exequien (music written for the funeral of Heinrich II of Reuss, nicknamed “the Posthumous”), and the Orbis sensualium pictus, often described as the first childrens picture-book.

Before Heinrich II died in December 1635, he had planned his funeral to the letter. He commissioned Schütz to write the music, and chose the texts himself. He even designed his own coffin, made of solid copper and decorated ornately and painted with texts Heinrich II chose.

With the English Cornett & Sackbut Ensemble, and actor Jake Setters.


Musikalische Exequien SCHÜTZ

I. Concert in Form einer teutschen Begräbnis-Messe

II. Motet: ‘Herr, wenn ich nur Dich habe’

III. Canticum B Simeonis ‘Herr, nun lässest du deinen Diener in Frieden fahren’

‘A Burial’, ‘God’, ‘God’s Provenance’, ‘The Last Judgement’, and ‘The Close’, from Orbis sensualium pictus by Johann Amos Comenius

Duration: 38 mins | £4.99

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