2021 Digital Season

Published: 1st January 2021

The Marian Consort continues its digital season into 2021, with projects in collaboration with poets, artists, actors, academics, filmmakers, and writers to shine new light and bring you something different.

Starting this Thursday 21 January, we’ll be releasing four feature-length films, available on-demand exclusively via our website. For under a fiver you’ll get carefully-crafted films shot in beautiful spaces, featuring seraphic performances, and incisive commentary. Scroll down for more details.

Alongside this there will be podcast, insight videos, articles and more, all available via our Watch, Listen, Read page.

We are grateful for the support of Arts Council England and the Friends of The Marian Consort, ensuring we can offer work to our freelance artists during this difficult period. If you’d like to support us you can make a donation here.

Allegri’s Miserere Tracking the myths and mistakes behind choral music’s most famous work. Featuring music from the Sistine Chapel by Allegri, Palestrina, and Anerio, plus commentary from a man who has spent hours and hours of his life in libraries around the world tracking down the real Miserere. Available from Thu 21 Jan for £4.99

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary Oppression and patronage in the time of Bloody Mary. Three monumental works by Thomas Tallis, William Mundy, and Christopher Tye show how composers navigated choppy waters. With texts by William Forrest, and a glimpse at the sinister side of nursery rhymes. With actor Nicola Harrison. Available Thu 18 Feb for £4.99

Schütz 1: Vale of tears How do we acknowledge, educate and talk about death? We look at this question through Heinrich Schütz’s Musikalische Exequien (music written for the funeral of Heinrich II of Reuss, nicknamed “the Posthumous'”), and the Orbis sensualium pictus, often described as the first childrens picture-book. With the English Cornett & Sackbut Ensemble, and actor Jake Setters. Available Thu 25 Mar for £4.99

Schütz 2: A lump of earth Death, starvation, war, hope: The Thirty Years War through the eyes of Hans Heberle, a cobbler, and Heinrich Schütz’s Kleine geistliche Konzerte, a collection of sublime miniatures written for the scant musical forces he could gather around him. With actor Jake Setters. Available Thu 29 Apr for £4.99


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