like strangers | Kivu Ruhorahoza + The Marian Consort

Published: 15th July 2020

Film by Kivu Ruhorahoza

Music by Jean Maillard, performed by The Marian Consort

Fratres mei elongaverunt se a me,

et noti mei quasi alieni, recesserunt a me.

Dereliquerunt me proximi mei,

et qui me noverunt quasi alieni,

recesserunt a me.

My brethren distance themselves from me,

and my acquaintances have departed from me like strangers.

My friends have forsaken me,

and they that knew me have departed from me like strangers.

Kivu Ruhorahoza is an award-winning Rwandan filmmaker, visual artist and author.

Kivu’s work has been showcased at A-List festivals including Sundance, TriBeCa, Sydney, IDFA, Rotterdam, Warsaw, Melbourne, Rio, Venice and renowned museums and venues such as the Tate Modern (as part of Olafur Eliasson’s Little Sun project) and the MoMA.

Kivu’s films include Europa (IDFA 2019 feature competition), Things of the Aimless Wanderer (2015 Sundance New Frontier) and Grey Matter (2015 TriBeCa World Feature Competition).

This video forms part of a new series of visual arts collaborations commissioned by The Marian Consort and supported by Arts Council England.


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