Priory Church of St George, Dunster, West Somerset Saturday May 29th 2021

A programme created especially for Dunster, The Marian Consort will explore music from the time of Sir John Luttrell, feudal baron of Dunster in the 16th Century and a notable soldier, diplomat and courtier to Henry VIII and Edward VI. Beautiful sacred music by Thomas Tallis, Robert Parsons and other English Tudor composers sits alongside a new piece by award-winning young composer Ben Rowarth which sets Sir John’s personal motto, found on his portrait which hangs both in the Courtauld Institute of Art and in Dunster Castle.


"Singing one person to a part, the Marian Consort give sublimely refined, spacious and impeccably tuned performances."

The Sunday Times

"The performances are models of discretion and musical taste, every texture clear, every phrase beautifully shaped."

The Gaurdian

"'performances are always vibrant and perfectly tuned’"

The Times

"There is an alluring, sometimes intoxicating equilibrium about this disc, regulated by the pure-toned intimacy and blend of Rory McCleery’s fine ensemble."

The Scotsman

"The singers perform with a yearning intensity which is just exquisite."


"Exemplary one-to-a-part performances ... the singing is as impassioned as it is effortlessly elegant."

BBC Music Magazine

"This is no-nonsense musicianship, but for all that thoroughly musical ... The unfussy performance helps the music enormously."


"🔥 ❤️ 😩 I need a daily IV of this!"

Instagram user

"The Marian Consort’s performances deliver full value in terms of expressive range and sophistication. Pitch-perfect tuning and immaculately clean ensemble … add further to the attractions of this eminently listenable recital."

BBC Music Magazine